• August Steiner Men’s CN002C-AS Round Buffalo Nickel Collectors Gold Coin Watch Reviews


    August Steiner Men's CN002C-AS Round Buffalo Nickel Collectors Gold Coin Watch

    • This August Steiner men's collector's timepiece features genuine Buffalo nickel.
    • A classy coin watch will make for a great addition to any coin enthusiast collection.
    • Watch features genuine calf skin leather strap.
    • Timepiece is great for everyday wear and makes for interesting conversation.
    • Not water resistant
    While you would be hard pressed to find a Buffalo nickel in your pocket change nowadays, there is a history to this nickel. The Buffalo nickel took the United States from pre-World War I, through the Great Depression and to the beginning of World War II. Any coins found from circulation are rare, and because of design flaws, most are hard to date without out destroying the integrity of the coin. Before the Buffalo nickel there was Charles Barber's Liberty Head nickel, which had been in productio


    TAT2 Designs "St. Tropez" Gold and Black Glass Bead, Gold Coin Necklace

    • Hand beaded black disc, gold bead trim, gold coin
    • Made in United States


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