• Have We Seen the Bottom in Silver and Gold Prices?


    Gold Price Close Today : 1384.30
    Change : 19.40 or 1.42%

    Silver Price Close Today : 22.568
    Change : 0.229 or 1.03%

    Gold Silver Ratio Today : 61.339
    Change : 0.240 or 0.39%

    Silver Gold Ratio Today : 0.01630
    Change : -0.000064 or -0.39%

    Platinum Price Close Today : 1484.60
    Change : 16.60 or 1.13%

    Palladium Price Close Today : 750.00
    Change : 10.50 or 1.42%

    S&P 500 : 1,666.29
    Change : -1.18 or -0.07%

    Dow In GOLD$ : $229.00
    Change : $ 7.50 or 3.39%

    Dow in GOLD oz : 11.078
    Change : 0.363 or 3.39%

    Dow in SILVER oz : 679.51
    Change : -7.82 or -1.14%

    Dow Industrial : 15,335.28
    Change : -19.12 or -0.12%

    US Dollar Index : 83.75
    Change : -0.366 or -0.44%

    Have we seen the bottom in silver and GOLD PRICES overnight? Tentatively. First steps.

    Overnight SOMEbody (wink, wink!) tried to crush silver with massive sales in Asia (Sunday night our time). They drove silver down to 2023.5c, but that lasted only very briefly. By midnight New York time silver has climbed back above 2100c, and climbed slowly through the rest of European trading. By New York open it had reached 2180c, backed off, traded up to 2200c by noon, then in a single bound leapt to 2270c. Comex closed UP 22.9 cents at 2256.8c, after a range of 299 cents. Whew.

    Today’s trading paints the first half of a Key Reversal: a break to new low ground with a close higher than the preceding day (Friday closed 2233.9c). IF silver confirms with the second half of that Key Reversal tomorrow (a higher close than today’s), you’ve got your sign that it’s reversed. Permanently? Don’t know. Have to see how it behaves, step by step confirming that reversal.

    The SILVER PRICE crucial support now is 2250c, where “crucial” means “must hold.”

    The GOLD PRICE suffered the same sort of attack that silver suffered, only with less effect. Drove it down to $1,336.50 in Asian trading, rose in a rounding bottom to $1,365 when Comex opened. Backed off, strengthened, then jumped square up $1,365 to $1,385 in one leap. High hit $1,398,60, tapping hard on $1,400.

    This, too, marked the first half of a Key Reversal for gold, new low with higher close. Tomorrow to complete that Key Reversal gold must close above $1,384.30.

    Y’all need to comprehend that looking at charts is a work continually in progress. It says something until it contradicts or confirms. Today’s trading left double bottoms on both charts. For now, both metals have reversed, but they must confirm that Key Reversal tomorrow.

    This may be the witness we’ve been waiting on. I bought a little of both metals, just in case. That higher close tomorrow will really stimulate my buying glands.

    The whole financial world is so bogus. Fed propagandists have found their “We might end QE sometime soon” theme has worked such wonders that they’re pedaling that bike overtime. Chicago FedHed Evans was seen spouting that nonsense today. Right, sure, the US economy will just keep on creating jobs (or the NGM will just jimmy the numbers further so the unemployment LOOKS smaller) and the Fed will slam on the brakes and make the whole addicted US economy go inflation-cold turkey. Sure — when your grandmother grows a beard and moustache. A level of propaganda this preposterous shows that the gullibility of the American public cannot be overestimated — nor the contempt Our Masters have for us.

    Part of this fun today arose from the US dollar index falling back from its Friday high by 36.6 basis points (0.47%) to 83.748. I have been expecting it to continue to advance, but that’s a pretty hefty stumble. Besides, currencies can only be parsed temporarily by technical analysis, since the Nice Government Men can change directions — and exchange rates — at any time for any reason.

    Yen climbed 0.96% to 97.79. If we had found the yen passed out on the street, this would be the equivalent of barely fogging a mirror held under its nostrils.

    Euro also shot up today, well, rose 0.37% to $1.2887. What tarnishes the luster on that? Friday it hit the neckline of a head and shoulders that began building last September. Whether the euro intended to drop further or not, it would ordinarily bounce off strong support like that. Neckline is around $1.2800 now. When the Euro breaks that level, ’twill drop like a hambone in swill.

    Stocks stuttered and staggered on their way to Schlaraffenland today. Dow lost 19.12 (0.12%) to end at 15,335.28. S&P500 backed up 1.18 (0.07%) to 1,666.29. A mania cannot be parsed, so I won’t even try to point to a top. When it stops, it will stop fast, hard, and humiliating.

    Dow in gold and Dow in silver both dropped right smart today. Dow in silver perched at 679.51 oz, down 7.84 oz or 1.14%. Dow/Gold lost 0.17 oz (1.52%) to 11.078 oz.


    U.S. $5 modern commemoratives.

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    Based on today’s gold close at $1,384.30, the premium for these coins over gold is a tiny 5.9%.

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    Argentum et aurum comparenda sunt — — Gold and silver must be bought.

    – Franklin Sanders, The Moneychanger
    10:00am-5:00pm CST, Monday-Friday

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