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    Stack's Bowers Sells Bentley Shores Indian Gold Coins at ANA Rarities
    A collection of the finest know $ 10 Indian gold coins has been sold be Stack's Bowers Auctions of California for more than $ 4 million. The collection was comprised of 52 coins assembled by a prominent collector. Vicken Yegparian talks about some of the …
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    Gold coins in Taiwan depreciate amid lack of demand
    Chou Chien-fu, a gold coin collector, told the paper, "Unless it was issued by the Central Bank, it is difficult for a gold coin to appreciate at this moment," adding that Taiwan cannot currently compete with Chinese counterparts in the global market …
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    Gold coin sales decline in August, silver coin demand remains robust
    Today's AM fix was USD 1,365.25, EUR 1,028.98 and GBP 865.73 per ounce. Yesterday's AM fix was USD 1,373.00, EUR 1,037.32 and GBP 874.30 per ounce. Gold fell $ 21.70 or 1.57% yesterday, closing at $ 1,364.80/oz. Silver slid $ 0.71 or 3%, closing at …
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