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    Specimen 1852 Moffat Gold Ten Dollar Coin, only two known to be sold at FUN
    Private and territorial gold coins are among the rarest and most valuable issues in American numismatics. The Moffat & Co. ten dollar gold coins were struck to serve an urgent need for a circulating medium of exchange in the booming regional economy of …
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    Gold doubloon worth more than two centuries ago expected to fetch at least
    The first ever gold coin to be struck in the U.S. more than 225 years ago is expected to fetch at least $ 5 million at auction. The gold doubloon was struck in 1787 and was the fledgling country's first ever coin intended for circulation in America's …
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    This Is a Lousy Way to Invest in Gold
    Where an investor buys a coin that contains a full troy ounce of gold, he is paying for the gold content in it. A piece of jewelry, on the other hand, may have some inherent value of its own, but it will always be inflated beyond its gold content …
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