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    Gold coin of Richard III, 1377-99

    Image by Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
    Gold coin of Richard III, 1377-99, worth 20 silver pennies, found in Edgbaston.

    Accession number: 1991 C11

    Who really put those gold coins on couple's property? Theories abound
    Word last week that a Northern California couple found $ 10 million in gold coins while walking their dog has set off a Gold Rush of theories over who left behind all that loot. One is that Jesse James' gang deposited it in hopes of someday financing a …
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    Gold coin, forex prices fall at Iran's free market
    Each Bahar-e Azadi gold coin was sold at the price of 9.61 million rials at Iran's free market on February 27. Each Bahar-e Azadi gold coin was presented at the price of 9.65 million rials on Feb.26. Bahar-e Azadi Coin is an Iranian limited circulation …
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    Bitcoin vs Gold
    There are price differences depending on the country or mint that issued the coin. Premiums are also found with the age and condition of the coins. The smaller that you break the gold down, the more expensive the portions get. 10 1/10th ounce gold …
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    Berlin Forum Unveils New Collector Coins
    Several mints announced series rather than individual commemorative coin programs. Germany will issue a lengthy 2014 €100 UNESCO gold coin series as well as other individual commemoratives, while Japan will continue its ongoing series honoring each …
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